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Suzac Beach in Meschers Sur Gironde

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Apr 18, 2024

Suzac Beach – All the practical information to enjoy this conche in Meschers on the coast of beauty

Suzac Beach in Meschers is a long beach located north of the town of Meschers, not far from Royan, on the road to Saint Georges de Didonne, and easily accessible. It is located between the beach of Vergnes, the small beach of Arnèche and the tip of Suzac, in the forest of Suzac. It is a long beach of fine sand, located in a large cove surrounded by forest (pine forest) and rocky limestone cliffs typical of the banks of the Gironde estuary.

Can you swim in Suzac?

It is possible to swim at Suzac beach, but swimming is supervised only in season. It’s a family beach, and you can also enjoy the sun by lying on the sand, go paddle boarding, or even visit the cliffs, the caves or even have a drink. Naturism is prohibited.

What can you find around the beach?

Near Suzac beach are the Vergnes beach and the long beach of Saint Georges de Didonne, further away the Nonnes beach, and the famous Cadets conche, where legend has it that Cadet, a pirate, attracted the boats that following running aground on the rocks, to then be able to plunder them.

How to access Suzac beach?

Access to the beach is via a short steep path and a staircase, located just behind the parking lot. From Suzac beach, you can go to the port of Meschers, but also to the cliffs of Meschers to discover the famous squares.

Suzac beach emerges as a natural jewel, combining fine sand, crystal clear waters and enchanting landscapes. Located near the seaside town of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne, this beach offers an ideal getaway for sea lovers, families looking for relaxation and nature enthusiasts.

A Paradise of Sand and Sea

Suzac Beach stretches several hundred meters along the coast, providing ample space for visitors from all walks of life. Its fine, golden sand stretches gently to the edge of the ocean, inviting relaxation and outdoor games. The turquoise waters that line the beach are remarkably clear, providing ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling and water sports. Families will enjoy the shallow waters. Fishing enthusiasts can also try their luck from the rocks that line the beach, in search of local fish.

A Fragile Ecosystem to Protect

The natural beauty of Suzac beach is closely linked to its preserved coastal environment. The sand dunes that line the beach are home to specific flora, including maroon and sand everlasting, which contribute to soil stabilization and the preservation of the region’s fragile ecosystem. It is therefore essential to respect this environment by avoiding walking on the dunes and collecting waste after each visit.

Activities and Leisure

In addition to swimming and water sports, Suzac beach offers a multitude of activities and leisure activities for all tastes. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the coastal paths that wind through the surrounding cliffs and forests, offering spectacular panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding countryside. The more adventurous can also rent kayaks or paddleboards to explore the hidden coves and sea caves along the coast, providing a unique perspective on the region’s wild beauty.

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St Georges de Didonne is a small town located at the mouth of the Gironde estuary, on the beauty coast, and known for its long sandy beach.